Uticom Website Announcement

Utimcom is pleased to introduce the new Uticom website. The new site is in an “application based” format, enabling a presentation of our product line by its application, versus the traditional method of organizing products by tags, labels or signs. This is accomplished by utilizing diagrams for each major section. The diagrams include Uticom’s products as they would be utilized in the field. In our experience, improved results can be had if you appeal to how our clients think and how their “business” is structured.
The site also features a few new tools:
A Flash Images – The flash images on the home page visually describe Uticom’s three core competencies: Durability, Compliance & Real-Time custom design.

A Rep Tool Box- Password protected area of the site that contains, detailed specifications, marketing materials, power points, white papers, test reports and other useful tools.

A Request Real-Time Design- Clients, Prospects and Reps can access this tool from clicking the link at the top right hand comer of the page. Users can select a time and date for an appointment. Once selected, an email confirmation will be sent to the attendees. The Real-Time Design session occurs in a WebEx environment, where clients can actually watch and direct a Uticom graphic designer as they design custom graphics.

A PDF Proof drawings- When you click on a specific item in each sub-section a .pdf appears that can be printed, saved or emailed. Each proof drawing contains a complete material specification, compliance specification, installation requirements and warranty details. These are the same proof drawings that

you typically receive from Uticom.

A Rep Contact Map- This interactive map enables clients and prospects to quickly locate contact information for local manufacturers’ representatives. Please double check this information and contact us with any discrepancies.

A Blog- The blog will be updated on a regular basis and will provide details on new products, trade show announcements and other pertinent information.

A New Product section- This section will feature new product developments- we continually create new products that solve similar concerns. Clients and prospects will be able to access .pdf cut sheets detailing new or featured products.

The new Uticom website is designed to be dynamic; additions, updates and improvements will be added on a continuous basis. We are certain that this will be a valuable sales tool.