Westlake, Ohio – November 6, 2018 – PowerLink is pleased to announce that we have started an agreement to represent TransGard. TransGard offers substation fencing options. Our services with TransGard will cover Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. The contract began on November 6th, 2018.

Representing TransGard enables PowerLink to offer a wide range of TransGard brand fences, along with other fencing components produced by TransGard.

About TransGard

TransGard works to prevent animal substation outages by producing animal-deterrent fencing for electrical substations. Their fences install in a few hours with no interruption to power. Their fences were developed by a team of engineers and scientists with 60 years of background in animal containment and exclusion; the TransGard fence has undergone extensive research and field-testing. Their fences have a 20-year track record of keeping climbing animals away from more than 2,500 locations at dozens of utilities in North America.

Learn more from their brochure here.